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    The EmbodiChair™ is the best relaxation support system anywhere, and is the foundation of Dr. Allan’s posture method Don’t Stand Up Straight™ and Natural Posture™.

    This chair is a prototype and is custom-made one-by-one by its creator Dr. R. Grant Ramey, PhD., founder of www.embodiment.com. This deluxe model, has a sleeker design and folds up more conveniently.

    This chair works as a therapy device for posture training, and is a fantastic chair for contemplation, relaxation, and meditation.  

    To experience the chair you can contact us HERE for a free demonstration at our office, or for groups of 5 or more, we can present a demonstration at your home or workplace.  

    Sorry, there's no shipping at this time. You can either pick it up at the office or have it delivered to your door. Deliveries are made to the Greater Los Angeles Area only for an additional $50 fee upon delivery. 


    The EmbodiChair™ is the most relaxing position for the human body when adjusted accurately. There is no other device that totally centers all joints, places all muscles at resting length, grounds the feet, and fully contacts the palms of the hands. The foundation is a comfortable extra wide, and padded Zero Gravity Chair. 

    Supports have been added for:

    • ARM SUPPORTS. The arms are supported to extend in the most natural anatomical position.
    • HAND SUPPORTS. The hands are supported by ovoid balls that pivot for large or small hands to be in touch with the inherent spherical shape.
    • FOOT SUPPORTS. The feet are supported by a foot platform for grounding the soles of the feet.
    • HEAD SUPPORT. The head is supported with two foam pillows to choose from.

    The EmbodiChair™is easy to set up, just unfold the arm supports, open the chair, and hook two bungee cords for the feet support. It can be closed quickly by reversing the process. 

    The weight limit is 250 pounds. The EmbodiChair™ accommodates people approximately 5'2" to 6'2". A simple bed pillow can be used under the knees for taller people and at the feet for shorter people.