Who doesn't want to relax and improve posture?

Exactly, but how is this possible?

Back in the early 1980's I was determined to be a great healer using therapeutic touch. The challenge was that many techniques took a lot of effort with strain on your posture. 

At the same time, It was serendipity that I met my movement education mentor Dr. R. Grant Ramey (founder of Embodiment) on the floor of his modest bungalow in Santa Monica filled with pillows of various shapes and sizes. While lying on my back, he would arrange pillows underneath me until I was in the most comfortable position possible. I was speechless! I was literally floating on a cloud. 

He explained that to be comfortable is to go with strength (com: with; fort: strong), and I was fortunate to exchange professional sessions with him for the next 3 years. 

During that time I learned that comfort is a feeling, and that feeling can only be experienced from within. This position and arrangement of pillows developed into the Embodi-Cloud.    

Here is the final revision of the Embodi-Cloud™ that is no longer in production. Instead Dr. Ramey has set out to create an easier and more practical platform to share his discoveries with the world, and has recently created the Embodi-Chair™.  We are proud to bring to the world this special chair. Not really a chair, but a gift that is truly relaxing and at the same time creating long-lasting therapeutic benefits.

Introducing the EmbodiChair

Disregarding form, in outer space the body is totally free of gravity and experiences weightlessness. Regarding form back here on earth, the EmbodiChair provides a feeling of weightlessness created by the revolutionary placement of all major body structures. 

By lying in this chair for only 20 minutes a day, you can:

  1. Provide yourself with true relaxation. This is vital in our hurried-up lifestyle filled with multi-tasking, traffic jams, and all the stressors that go along with life.
  2. LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE. Connect the feeling that goes along with the body's position. This is essential that teaches you how to move through life with greater ease and a feeling of comfort.
  3. Take the time each day to contemplate or meditate your life. This could be the most valuable time that fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.

What are you waiting for?


Click HERE If you live in the Los Angeles area, and you would like to test drive the EmbodiChair™.  
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The EmbodiChair™STANDARD is teal colored with white arm pole supports. 

The EmbodiChair™ DELUXE is two tone beige or teal with black trim and arm poles and a stronger frame. 

The EmbodiChair™ IS adjustable to fit the size and shape of almost any adult with a weight limit of 250 pounds and accommodates people approximately *5'2" to 6'2" in height. Your entire body is positioned accurately and completely supported for rapid release of stress and tension. Both models fold up easily and quickly and the foot support is secured close to the base. 

The EmbodiChair™ is the most relaxing position for the human body when adjusted accurately. There is no other device that totally centers all joints, places all muscles at resting length, grounds the feet, and fully contacts the palms of the hands. The foundation is a comfortable extra wide, and padded Zero Gravity Chair.  

Supports have been added for:

  1. THE ARMS. The arms to extend in the most natural anatomical position.
  2. THE HANDS. Ovoid balls that pivot for large or small hands to be in touch with the inherent spherical shape.
  3. THE FEET. Contact for grounding of the soles of the feet
  4. THE HEAD. Two sizes for accurate placement of the head. 
The EmbodiChair™ is easy to set up, just unfold the arm supports, open the chair, and hook two bungee cords for the feet support. It can be closed quickly by reversing the process. *Height considerations: A simple bed pillow can be used under the knees for taller people  and at the feet for shorter people.